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Hello all,

What air compressors do you find works well for gun cleaning? I normally use Dust Off compressed air cans, but my supply is running very low. Would an airbrush compressor work? Brownell's sells the Paasche D500SR. I am looking for one on the quiet side.

Thank you,

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California air tools has a 1 gallon small quiet compressor that I saw at Lowes. Just over $100.00. You will find lots of other uses for this small compressor, like small nail guns and inflating tires, ect.
I have an 8 gal larger model in my shop, very quiet also. Highly recommended after 1-1/2 years of use.
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My garage is plumbed for compressed air from a Quincy QT-5 compressor, which can put out 175psi. For gun cleaning, I just ran black pipe over to the reloading/cleaning bench, installed a manifold and regulator, and keep the pressure dialed down to about 20-25psi. Quick connect a hose and blow gun.
You could use the same concept with any size compressor, just use a regulator to keep the pressure down to the levels you would need for gun cleaning or blowing off your press and bench.

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I couldn't live without my compressor. I have a Campbell Hausfeld 8 gallon Quiet compressor. It's surprisingly quiet and I've been very happy with it.


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I'll be watching this thread for responses as well.

I'm planning to eventually buy a small, quiet air compressor for use in my hobby room and light garage duty from time to time.

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I have a small 2 tank nailer compressor that works well for airing tires up and blowing small stuff dry, but it's no use beyond that.
I save the canned air for my range bag.

I don't use air tools at home or anything that uses large volumes of air so a small unit works for me.
Good compressors are pretty expensive, I believe the shop shelled out 15K for the turbine unit we just got. Now that's quite, about as noisy as an HVAC unit and delivers a ton of right now.
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Somewhere over the years, I picked up a very small compressor. 1 Gallon tank. Quiet.

However, I cranked the pressure gauge pretty low. Probably under 20 lbs. I really don't want small parts (that I can barely see anymore on a good day) to go flying off into the stratosphere.

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