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I was comparing the trigger pull on an older P229 with a TDA trigger with the newer ones currently being produced and noted a noticeable difference in the double action trigger pull. The older P229 pistols have what feels like a longer double action trigger pull, whereas the newer ones seem to have a shorter pull.

Can any of you advise how to convert a newer P229R so that the double action trigger is identical to that of the older pistols?
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You would have to determine whether the older gun in question has the original Old Style hammer strut and mainspring (hammer spring). This is the long strut without the plastic base. The strut fit into a metal plate at the bottom with a pin through the strut.

Current production (New Style) uses a shorter strut/mainspring and plastic base. Old Style struts can be replaced with the New Style, if desired. I don't know specific dates when the Old was replaced by the New.

I replaced the Old on my 1995 P229 a few years ago. The New is not necessarily "better", but it does have a different feel. One reason for the New was to reduce the stacking effect as the DA is operated. Also, mainspring replacement with the Old was a PITA and required three hands.

New Style struts (plastic) look like this and have the plastic base at the bottom:

Old Style mainspring seats (metal) are still available:

You'll have to remove the grips and determine what type of strut the older P229 has. It's possible it has the Old and you are mistaking the stacking differences as length of DA pull. I'm not aware of any changes that would result in a shorter travel length. Having said that, it is not uncommon to have varying quality of DA pulls on different Sigs (or any other guns) produced in the same time frames.

Note that there are TWO "New Style hammer strut assemblies with the plastic base. An E2-specific and a non-E2 assembly. E2-specific can be used with E2 and flat panel grips. non-E2 assemblies cannot be used with E2 grips. Don't ask what Sig is doing with this stuff now, I'm clueless. Confused yet?

Both below are "New Style". Top is non-E2 (LONG base), bottom is E2 (SHORT base. Both use the same mainspring. I did some of my own testing and determined the non-E2 assembly produced a better quality DA. No difference in SA.

[IMG:left] [/IMG]

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Shown below is the early P229 mainspring base configuration Nipper mentioned. This one did feel different (to many). A worn older gun may also have a better feeling trigger just because of use.

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Nipper and GaryBF, thank you both for your quick and very informative responses!

Much appreciated!
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