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What is the best red dot to put on a P320 X5 Legion???? Co-witness?? Thanks
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I will tell you what I think to be true, but since I don't own a P320 X5 Legion or any of the sights listed below ~ Please verify before you buy...

The P320 X5 Legion was originally pre-drilled to mount Sig's Romeo 1PRO red dot sight. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red dot sight uses this same footprint. At some point in late 2019 or early 2020, Sig changed the P320 X5 Legion pre-drilled mount. Photos of both P320 X5 Legion can be viewed at these links:

Original P320 X5 Legion pre-drilled mounting holes:

Late 2019/early 2020 update P320 X5 Legion pre-drilled mounting holes:

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red dot sight:

In this video, the guy shows three P320 X5 Legends mounted with Sig's Romeo 1PRO, Sig Romeo 3XL, and Trijicon SRO red dot sights:

Springer Precision ( ) sells a plate to mount the Trijicon RMR, and a different plate to mount the Holosun 507c or the Trijicon SRO to the original P320 X5 Legion slide.

Another company to consider for plates is C & H Precision Weapons (

When you ask "what is the best red dot to put on a P320 X5 Legion" I take that to mean the easiest to mount without drilling more holes or buying more plates.

If you are asking what is the best red dot, that is like asking what is the best pistol caliber, weapon lubricant, or if the Navy is just an Uber for Marines Smile

What I will suggest is for you to visit "all" of the gun ranges in your area that rent pistols. Most will have one, maybe two pistols with a red dot available for rent. If you can get to five ranges with different red dot sights, you will have five times as much experience before you buy then you have now.

If you live in the SoCal area, I would be happy to meet up at one of our ranges and let you shoot my P320 with a Romeo1. Just click on my username, my email address is in my member's only viewable profile. While my Romeo1 won't mount to your X5 Legion, I can give you a lot of practical advice about moving onto a red dot and how to make the transition a little easier on you.

By the way, welcome to SigForum!!!

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The DPP mounted directly to the slide with Dawson BUIS works well. The Dawson rear goes into the dovetail on the back of the DPP, and they provide a correct hight front that is the same as the standard Legion fiber optic front, just taller. Co-witness is perfect, the sights are low in the window and the fiber optic "dot" is clearly visible and complete. The Leupold adjustable rear sight can be used as well, but I think the Dawson rear is more solid.

Anything else, you need an adapter plate that provides the rear BUIS. Bobo makes one with rear BUIS that allows RMR pattern sights. Other companies make similar adapter plates with rear BUIS.

The Sig RP1 with the slight rear sight notch might work sorta, but I'm pretty sure you would need a taller front and Sig doesn't tell you what the height is.
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