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How do I fix a very hard mag release on my 220 Carry?
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That's just the
Flomax talking
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I take it this is a new gun. It may just be stiff. Drop the magazine and place a small drop of lube on the magazine catch shaft inside the frame.

Failing that, I would disassemble the magazine catch and take a look. There could be a burr, rough spot, or debris. Be very careful, however, because if you do this wrong you have big problems.

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If the catch is gritty, then check the “green” tension spring behind the mag release for bends or kinks. The catch is held in place by a detente (note GaryB's picture). These parts are blued steel that have been micro-machined. These parts can be susceptible to rust so check.

by "big problems" GaryBF means that if you insert the mag catch stop the wrong way you are not going to get it out...some folks have some labor intensive tricks and ominously, the factory "can do it one time"
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