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I have a Sig replacement barrel that fits perfectly in the slide, but when I go to install the slide on the frame it will go almost all the way on, but hits a brick wall. Maybe the feed ramp is too long? Any advice or any videos to watch? Thanks
PS: It's a P239 9mm if it matters.
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It could be one of several issues.

There are different versions of barrels depending on which pistol you have, the P229 being an example. If you don't get the correct barrel to match your locking insert, it's never going to work.

Another issue, which is most likely to only occur if you have an aftermarket barrel, is the locking lug on the barrel is too long and hits the locking insert.

If the only issue is the locking lug being too long, that can be fixed by using a stone. Keep the bottom of the lug flat against the stone as draw the lug across the stone. Go slowly and try to reassemble the pistol often. When you can reassemble the pistol without feeling any interference with the locking insert, you are GTG.

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I used a BarSto video and (I'm 90% sure) a video from Chris O./Moderator and between the two - I found each portion of the barrel that needed tweaking ever so slightly until all was well.

this was with an aftermarket barrel that wasn't supposed to be "drop-in", but needed fitting, so it would be tight and perfect.

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