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hi i got a pro shot silicone cloth in a gift & wanted to know if it was safe to use on my 220 Legion? i don’t want to do anything that would mess up the finish

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While I don't have a Legion, I have used silicone cloths on other P-series pistols before with no ill effects. I usually found them to be either too much or not enough when it came to the coating they left behind, so I pretty much just use a patch with a little bit of lube nowadays.

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I use nothing but TGS silicone cloths which are the largest and least expensive I've found. When they're new, they're saturated with silicone. After the package is opened they tend to dry out. I have an aerosol can of silicone which I use to replenish the silicone.

I use them on all my pistols w/o ill effects. The cloth restores the luster finish to the Nitron which tends to turn gray.


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