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I recently acquired a beautiful KE coded P228. As is my practice, I detail stripped and cleaned the pistol while awaiting new springs from TGS. Since the old school trigger bar spring has been discontinued by SIG, I ordered the new style looped spring. During assembly however, I discovered the right grip panel would not fit properly. A quick SIGforum search confirmed my suspicions - the new looped spring will not work in older P229's and obviously the same holds true as well for older P228's. Does anyone know of a source for the old style springs? All of the usual sources show them discontinued. I'm not in dire need of a spring at this time, but looking down the road I could see this becoming problematic for me as well as other owners of these earlier pistols. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I believe the looped spring will work with a little Dremel work on the inside of the grip panel.
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or update the grips which will be formed to allow the new style springs.
Also if it has the old style metal based main spring housing assembly the new grips will also be formed to accept the newer style plastic bases which are much easier to change springs on.
If your worried about originality just keep all your old parts and grips and everything can be reversed.
You should be able to find newer factory grips or Hogue has many aluminum and G-10 options that accept all the new parts as well.
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Numrich has the old style TBS in stock at this time.


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