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I bought a folded carbon steel P220 slide that must have been involved in some kaboom, since the section near the breech block was so wide it was almost off the rails. I took out the breech block, and with a vise, squeezed the slide back to normal width.

The question is, since it would have been easy to continue, and make the slide a tight fit on the rails, has anyone done this before?

If so, did it improve accuracy?
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FWIW, if I had a gun that I suspected had been blown up by a prior owner, I'd have a competent gunsmith inspect it first.

Even though I do my own light gunsmithing.

Generally, slide tightening will only contribute about 5% to the accuracy of a pistol. This is in pistols that were in spec to begin with. In addition, too tight a fit will impact reliability.

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Also, the more you move the metal, the more you weaken it.

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I had an issue like that with one of my Wilson Combat 1911's. I call WC and they asked me to send it in. They looked things over with a high power magnifying glass looking for cracks in the slide and frame. You might want to call Sig CS and ask them if they would do the same for you. It is well worth the call.

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