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I have another thread in the pistol sub forum where I was asking for help with an intermittent problem with my P938 Equinox. In retrospect, I should have posted it here.

After fidgeting with my pistol, I think I have found what I believe is the problem. I was getting random Failure to Feed issues and I could feel like the slide would "drag" when cycling. When cycling the pistol either by hand or at the range I would note that the jammed round would point down and get caught on the feed ramp of the pistol while still in the magazine. This is accentuated with a fully loaded magazine with the first or the first and second rounds. I noticed this also was more apparent with some magazines and not others. When examining them I noted that the only difference between the magazines is that the springs seem to be "stiffer" i.e. newer springs with the magazines that jam more. I have searched far and wide in the internet and found two recommended fixes.

1) Update the magazine catch. Apparently there is a newer generation mag catch and spring for the P938. Apparently the older can catch the magazine in a way that will not allow it to seat all the way in which can cause the Nose Dive issue.

2) The other more aggressive solution was to cut some of the spring on the magazines to alleviate the pressure allowing for normal feeding.

I decided to try the first solution.

I also found that there are parts that have been upgraded on the newer P938's including the main spring housing and corresponding spring. All of these parts have been ordered and I am waiting for them to arrive. That being said, has anyone else ever experienced this issue and what was your solution? Are there any other parts I should upgrade as well in order to get this thing up and running?

Any and all advice would be appreciated.
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Check the magazine feed lip width, as that can cause your problem.

A few years back, SIG changed the magazine catch and spring to a stronger one to correct a problem with magazines dropping during fire. This would bring things to a halt right quick. Next they came out with a new magazine catch with a different profile "catch" that engaged the magazine better. They also modified the magazines by making an outward dimple on the left side of the mag to "bias" the mag slightly to the right to gain a more positive engagement with the magazine catch.

The only downside to these changes, besides making the mag catch so stiff it hard for some to operate, is when inserting a mag is may stop at the catch and will require ether a rap on the base to drive it past or pushing the mag release.

With the new catch, I've found I can go back to a weaker mag release spring and still have no problem with inadvertent mag drops.

I haven't had the mag drop problem cause nose down fail to feeds.
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