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So, I found a BNIB Sig P226 in 40/357 Sig for a decent price because it is a California model (and I'm sure no one wanted it); loaded chamber indicator, magazine disconnect and 10 round magazines. I wanted to at least remove the magazine disconnect, and all went well until I attempted to put the locking block back in place. I finally got it back together, but my thumbs are sore, my arms are worn out and my head wants to explode! It looked so easy on Youtube, but in real life it was extremely challenging. Maybe there is a "trick" to getting it all back together???
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There is always a trick. Seems to be a law of nature that the one view you need on the video is not there. I have a friend that takes all of his sigs apart and breathes on them just a little. He says there is always a trick to each sub assembly. He steers away from the firing pin and its position pins on the folded slides saying too easy to screw that up with the punches. He has more trouble than I do with the locking block but less trouble with the trigger pivot pin. All a matter of repetition though still frustrating at times. I have a set of hemostats that made made life easier and always have the right punches and armorers block.

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Maybe there is a "trick" to getting it all back together???

Make sure the trigger pivot pin is oriented correctly (slots down). Make sure the pistol is decocked. Make sure the slide catch lever is hard against the inside of the frame. Use your trigger finger behind the trigger to push forward on the trigger (keeps everything in place). Set the locking insert on top of the trigger and allow the insert the follow the contour of the trigger as it literally drops into place Cool

Not bragging, but I've never had an issue replacing the insert, while I've watched "certified" armorers struggle mightily.

Repetition helps Wink


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