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As I now understand that the short-reach trigger is no longer going to be made, I am trying to find the small-sized grip for the large grip size P250 in .45 ACP.

The medium almost fits, ALMOST, but due to bone shape changes in my right (and curiously mirrored in my left) trigger finger distal joint, due to severe arthritis, I still need a bit more reduction in the reach to the trigger on my p250 in .45 ACP. Can any one help before I try Dremel tool surgery (on my finger)?

I've had painful but successful (thank you, God and my wonderful surgeon) surgery on my right thumb, to recover my capacity to shoot right hand, while I went through learning to shoot pretty well with my left non-dominant hand, while healing, (and I am keeping those holsters!), it is sooooo frustrating to be sooooo very close to success, but foiled at the last step to perfect my right-hand grip in the P250.

I feel this is a struggle that will make make me a better pistol and ccw instructor as well. The needs of the partially disabled are not very well addressed in our standard courses, although these are highly motivated people to merely seek out instruction and certification.

Any leads would be gratefully accepted. I am going into semi-retirement next spring, at 68, partly due to my health, and partly to care for my disable lovely wife, so I hope I can make a few things work out in my final decade (decades????) of shooting. After 35 years as a college professor, I'd like to use my honed teaching skills to support our sport and my calling. If I need to still work, let me support a group of people and an activity I love and like!

I hope no-one minds if I post this request for leads in a few places. Thanks so much!!!! Thanks so much! I've always tried to pay ahead; this time, I can't.

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