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I'd like to have a gunsmith undercut the trigger guard on my P220ST similar to the Legion series and would also like to slightly modify the slide for a Warren Tactical rear sight as it sits way too high compared to the original factory night sight. Basically I'd like to flatten the surrounding top portion of the slide for the rear sight, similar to the dovetail cut for the front sight, making sure that the Warren rear sight doesn't overhang any portion of the slide (in other words, no visible light between the slide and the rear sight). I realize that I could swap out a higher profile front sight, but am not interested in doing so - even if it's less costly.

Based on his work in the past, Flork @ Apex Tactical looks very capable of handling this project and perhaps another pistol's modification I have in mind. Unfortunately Apex doesn't appear to be accepting work at the moment, so I may have to wait.

I tried GGI without luck and a third shop (forget the name) they referred me to wasn't any help. Any assistance in identifying a top-notch gunsmith (besides those mentioned) would be greatly appreciated.
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Sent you an email . . .
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When did you contact us? I'm curious. We weren't accepting these sorts of jobs for a while there, to give us capacity to grow in other directions. I just want to make sure your wuestion was answered.

The sight installation you describe doesn't seem so possible, as the Warren isn't excessively tall to begin with. Can you provide a sketch? Msybe I misunderstand. Thank you.


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Dakor, its a shame as I would have liked to see photos of the completed project!
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What front sight do you have on the pistol?
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