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any do’s or don’t before i bring out my p220 LEGION to the range?

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Break it down, inspect and lube it. A light viscosity grease will provide best protection against metal to metal contact during "break in". Many complaints about new guns (to the individual) could be eliminated with just a little bonding and familiarization time. Then enjoy it...


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Smear a light film of grease on the first two inches of the barrel tube (muzzle end). Clean your new magazines inside and out to remove any preservative which may get sticky.
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When you grease the rails, make sure you apply it to the underside top of the rails. A dab on the barrel where it moves through the slide helps. Also a little bit on the barrel hood and slide/frame contact points. Not too much there, it’s more important in the rails.


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There is a thread somewhere on this forum about lubing your Sig. With pictures I think.

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Originally posted by SBrooks:
There is a thread somewhere on this forum about lubing your Sig. With pictures I think.

Pistol section, 4Th topic down. Florks
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