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any do’s or don’t before i bring out my p220 LEGION to the range?

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Break it down, inspect and lube it. A light viscosity grease will provide best protection against metal to metal contact during "break in". Many complaints about new guns (to the individual) could be eliminated with just a little bonding and familiarization time. Then enjoy it...


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Smear a light film of grease on the first two inches of the barrel tube (muzzle end). Clean your new magazines inside and out to remove any preservative which may get sticky.
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When you grease the rails, make sure you apply it to the underside top of the rails. A dab on the barrel where it moves through the slide helps. Also a little bit on the barrel hood and slide/frame contact points. Not too much there, it’s more important in the rails.


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There is a thread somewhere on this forum about lubing your Sig. With pictures I think.

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Originally posted by SBrooks:
There is a thread somewhere on this forum about lubing your Sig. With pictures I think.

Pistol section, 4Th topic down. Florks
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You are traveling in fine company with a P220 !

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Congratulations on making a great decision to buy a fine pistol. Start by carefully reading your manual.

Field strip your pistol, and clean it and your magazines with a good solvent such as Hoppe's or Ballistol on a clean, soft rag. Naphtha, which can be found at any home improvement store, is also a good cleaner to remove oils and greases. It is cheap, pure, and evaporates without leaving a residue, plus it is safe for most plastics.

Relube your pistol with a light coat of a good gun oil on a clean cotton patch. Hoppe's synthetic or Elite gun oil is very good, inexpensive, and easy to find. Put a drop of oil on the extractor on the outside of the slide. See your manual to find this point.

Apply a thin coat of light gun grease (or oil) to the rails of your frame and slide, and the exterior of the front part of your barrel; as the parts wear in, you'll learn to apply grease to areas showing signs of wear. Also apply a light coating of grease (or oil) to your recoil spring. There are a number of decent lubricating greases (or oils) you can buy at a local gun shop or on Amazon. But buy little. Borrow whatever you can (see my recommendation at the end.). Eventually, you'll want to use grease, but oil can work at first (or borrow a bit of gun grease from s friend or use whatever samples Sig supplies.)

Be certain to wipe the interior of your barrel free of all oil or grease with several dry clean cotton patches. Likewise, the breech face of your slide (where your firing pin will protrude) should be free of oil and grease.

You may wish to put a drop of oil in the trigger mechanism. Just don't go over board.

Assemble your handgun, and work the slide about 20 times. Then wipe away any excess grease or oil which has appeared.

(You should not apply oil to your magazines. Just wipe them clean. You can read later about using wax or other products in and on your magazines, which you buff to a slick surface.)

You will likely find it handy to purchase a device to help you load your magazines. Keep them fully loaded for a few weeks, and they will be easier to load.

Buy a good but inexpensive grade of American-made or a auality import like Fiocchi full metal jacket ("ball") ammunition to break in your new friend. It us good to plan to put several boxes (50 rounds per box) through for break-in for each of your first two or three range trips. Pick several bullet weights to try. But don't feel pressured to shoot sny specific number of rounds. Your first task is to be familiar and safe with your new friend! And don't forget to have fun!

Want to do the best you can for your pistol? First, use only 100% cotton patches -old underwwear is fine. Second, I very highly suggest you read a short online article on gun lubrication by Grant Cunningham, who is a truly top gunsmith, and who recommends a specific set of oils and grease. You will find yourself linked to where you can buy these products -and a fine cleaner- for $20, which is a real deal. You'll get a plentiful supply of everything you need. Plentiful! Combine that with a very basic gun cleaning set up of a rod, brushes, jags, etc., and you'll be a very happy camper.

So don't buy much at first (borrow if you can), as I promise Cunningham's recommendations are the best you'll find. No harm in picking up a small bottle of Hoppe's Elite synthetic oil and some Hoppe's solvent for a couple of dollars (most shooters have one or both of these) but I assure you, you'll be much, much more pleased by what you'll get by buying online as suggested than by buying other over-priced stuff at the gun store! Most of it is inferior.

Good shooting. Be safe!

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Lay in a supply of official sig magazines. They go on sale periodically on the sig web site also at Top Gun Supply and few others. I have a set of replacement springs for all of mine. I also have some of the ACT mags but they are for the range and my older P220.

P220s rock and I bet you will love the Legion variant.

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Gun Mag site also has 8 round P220 mags for like 35 bucks much better than 44. Gun Mag sells Promags that is my only gripe with them but minor, they let you know when stuff is back in stock readily and ship quickly.

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