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I recently bought a P226 with E2 grips. I love it, except that the trigger more often than not fails to return forward on its own after a shot. I am reading that this is not uncommon with E2 grips. Two questions: 1) I would call this a trigger return spring. Am I looking for a Trigger Bar Spring (SKU 1202689-R; Manufacturer Part Number 34260308)? 2) How do you install the grip properly to avoid this problem in the future?

Thanks in advance,
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Sometimes I wonder if the factory messes this spring up.
When the Grip is taken off and put back on the trigger bar spring gets knocked loose or out of place sometimes. When reinstalling that spring it is best to place an old credit card over the spring and slip the card out when the grip is on. Sometimes you can let the left side of the grip rub the gun but keep the right side of the grip off the pistol and spring.
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Yeah, you should use the credit card trick (or something similar) when reinstalling the grip. I also use it when removing. While the odds of bending are higher when installing, it can still be bent when removing. The odds are very high of bending the spring if it is not protected.

It's insidious, because the bending of the spring is not readily apparent to the eye. When I used E2's, I always had a spare TBS (trigger bar spring) in stock. Bent one, just like you did. As you recognized, not uncommon. When you order, buy at least two.

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