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So my 320 extractor seems to have lost its edge/profile and was giving me issues. I ordered a new extractor from SIG as well as a spring and an extractor pin "plus". I believe I also ordered a plain extractor pin (part # 1300324-R), but it's backordered.

What exactly is the "plus" pin and how is it different from the standard one?

The "plus" pin is part # 1301495-R. Spring is 1300521-R. Extractor is 1301042-01-R.

I recall there being a new revision of the old extractor, which I'm sure my 320 has. Are these the new parts?


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The P320 Extractor Assembly was redesigned in or before March 2017.

Please review this thread as reference:

Within the attached thread are the following two quotes by Bruce Gray:
"The updated part numbers represent an evolutionary change to increase extractor tension and improve extractor hook bite. The three parts you received all are intended to work together, though each is nominally reverse-compatible with the earlier parts versions. These parts will help correct your occasional FTE issue."

"...Did you also get the new extractor pin? It too is longer, and pretensions the spring quite a bit more."

The stock numbers for the parts I received from Sig in March 2017 for my P320 Compact were:

The part numbers may have changed since March 2017.


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