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I ordered a couple new extractor springs from MGW, my 40S&W carry developed some extraction issues. When I took the factor spring out it had a rubber piece inside the spring, like a rubber dowel. The new spring didn't have one. I took apart my 9mm extractor assemble and it didn't have it either. Question, do I put the rubber dowel in the new spring when I install or leave it out.

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Absent any other responses, I would suggest reinstalling the rubbr thingy and calling it good.
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I think I'd just give SIG service dept a call... get the info from the horse's mouth...



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The extractor spring insert is found in some P320's, though none of mine had it before or after the upgrade era. The part isn't listed on the P320 schematic, and when I've ordered extractor replacement parts, it's not among them.

Sig customer service was useless when it came to information about the P320 extractor. Sig changed the spring to a longer spring some time ago, and also changed the extractor geometry slightly. When calling to make sure I was ordering the newer part, I was told in no uncertain terms that no part change had ever occurred. The customer service rep told me he knew it for a certainty because in the duration of his employment with Sig, he'd never seen or heard of such a thing. I asked how long he'd been there; less than two years. The change happened before that. Apparently if the millennial didn't have it happen on his watch, it never happened.

To be safe, I initially ordered ample spare springs, extractors, extractor pins, and extractor spring pins, to ensure I had new parts in everything. Then I ran it with the old until able to identify malfunctions and see if the newer parts would cure the problem.

While Sig insisted that no change to the geometry of the extractor occurred, it's obviously that a change did occur when examining older and newer extractors. Other than the part number on the part, which is clearly different. The change in geometry on the extractor claw is different.

The extractor spring pin, which is the plunger that is visible from the rear of the slide, is longer on the new extractor assemblies. When I saw new, I'm talking years old now, but still "new" enough that there are probably a lot of pistols running around out there without the updated parts. The longer extractor spring pin, or plunger, puts more spring tension on the extractor by compressing the spring more. I found that the current springs are longer than the older ones, by comparison (or my older springs had taken a set).

If you're having extraction problems, however, ensure that the extractor pin (the shorter part ahead of the spring, between the spring and extractor) is installed and oriented correctly. It can be rotated 180 degrees and cause malfunctions. If you lay the parts end to end outside the pistol, it's easy to see how they correctly fit.

As for the extractor spring insert, it's not on any current diagrams, so not something I'd worry about. I'd consider getting new parts, however, instead of going with the old, if you're having any issues with extraction at all.
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This old thread might be of interest to anyone looking at P320 Extractor issues:

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