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Hey all,

I have a question about barrel threading and accuracy:

Is it possible (or common) to thread a rifle barrel for a can without screwing up the accuracy?

I have an extremely accurate rifle and a really nice suppressor that I would like to put together. I do not want to turn my tack driver into a mediocre shooter just so I can hang my new toy off the end.

What say you? Get it threaded by someone who knows how or leave my best rifle unsuppressed because it's too risky to chance ruining it?



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There are many gunsmiths qualified to thread a rifle without harming the accuracy. ADCO comes to mind although I have never used them. Others coming by this thread may offer other smiths to contact.

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on a principal level there is no reason for threading the barrel to screw up anything. but anyone can screw up.

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I've had Gemtech thread a couple different barrels for me. They did a super job on both with a very fast turnaround.
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Properly threading a barrel will not change it's accuracy. Once you put a can on it, you may need to tweak your loads a bit because the harmonics might be different than from before.

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The key to maintaining accuracy is to center the barrel on the lathe using the bore, so that when turning down the barrel to the major diameter of the threads, the finished thread will be perfectly concentric with the bore. The outside barrel surface is not used, as it may be slightly eccentric to the bore.

On a rifle barrel, the breech end of the barrel is also centered at the outboard end of the lathe spindle using a "spider" (basically three screws used to hold the breech end centered.

I'm just a hobby gunsmith/machinist, but I've threaded a few barrels.

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