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The In-laws recently had a Western Auto single shot bolt action shotgun returned to them after a relative passed.
My Mother-in-Law had been given that shotgun by her older brother when she became old enough to hunt on the farm.
Decades later, She lent it back to her older brother for use by a nephew.
When the older brother recently passed, the shotgun was returned to her.
It's a 50 dollar gun at best, but has significant sentimental value for my Mother-in-Law.
It fed the family with squirrels, rabbits, and partridge.
It's old enough (pre 1968) so there isn't a serial number on it. Long out of production.
They were told the firing pin was broken and the gun wouldn't shoot.
I told them I would look around for parts and see if they were available.
Numrich had a parts diagram and it's a Marlin Model 59. Numrich had a trigger guard and the screws for it in stock.
(plastic trigger guard was cracked, and trigger guard screw slots buggered up)
OK, on to the firing pin.
I checked Jack First Gun Parts in South Dakota, they had the firing pin, and both springs inside the bolt and an extractor.
Got them ordered and on the way. It's so old I figured a few spare parts should be bought while still available.
The parts from Jack First arrived yesterday, and the package had a long steel pin sticking thru the side of the padded envelope. Yup, four inch long tip of the firing pin was bent at a 25 degree angle.
Nope, not going to attempt straightening it.
I called Jack First this morning, they have more firing pins and they will ship another at no charge.
I suggested a box or cardboard tube would be a great idea, instead of a padded envelope.
First rate customer service! Shipping Department, not so good.
I took the bolt apart yesterday and found a surprise. The firing pin wasn't broken.
I found a new yellow pencil with a flat eraser.
Outside with the shotgun for the "pencil test" and it was launched vertically out of the muzzle.
Hmmm. Something wrong here. Well it does have an automatic safety. Every time the bolt handle is opened, it automatically puts the safety in the "Safe" position.
Back inside, root around in the ammo closet for .410 shells. Back outside with a shell and the shotgun.
Insert shell, close bolt, take safety off, pull trigger, BANG!
Guess there's nothing wrong with it. Either operator error or a dud shell for the original broken firing pin complaint.
Fired hull had a very nice deep / round firing pin impression.
Anyway, now I'm the "Hero" as the shotgun is back in service again.
And we even have a few unneeded spare parts for it.

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Congratulations on your project. Indeed, a labor of love.

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Gotta love those older, less expensive shotguns and such. Many a child learned firearm safety and how to shoot with those. It's a large part of what is missing with many of todays youth.

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Congrats on keeping the ole 410 of your families
ownership operable. It will last for years to come.
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