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Anyone know of, or have a link to, a diagram that shows the height of the P320 front and rear sights, from the top of the slide?

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All of my P320s are equipped with aftermarket sights and therefore I can’t try to make the measurements directly. And then measuring the depth of a dovetail slot can be tricky with a sight installed. But until someone comes along with the measurements you’re asking for, this is what I got by measuring the heights of the original factory sights by themselves and the depth of the slot:

Dovetail depth: 0.058"
#6 front sights: 0.229" and 0.231"
#8 rear sights: 0.250" and 0.250"

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They seem to use #6 (F) and #8 (R) or #8 (F) and #* (R).

Mine came with 6 and 8 and was shooting too low at 7 yards. I now have a #8 (F and a #8 (R). works better. The front is an X-Ray 1 made by Hi Viz for SIG.

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