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I have a MA complaint P320C with a manual safety. Love the gun, but want to install a Gray Guns Competition Trigger Kit. Taking the FCU apart is no problem UNTIL it's at the point when the manual safety levers need to be removed from the sear housing assembly so I can push out a couple of pins to release the sear and other parts that make up the GG modification kit.

I can't figure out how to remove the two thumb levers. There's a small silver button on one of the levers (that's spring loaded and seems to lock the MS levers either up or down), but pushing it seems to do nothing. If anybody has taken the levers off (and put them back on), could you please pass along any tips about how to do this?

I've done the same job on my P320 X5 (which has no manual safety) and it was very simple and straight forward process. Of course the way the FCU is set-up is different from the one with the manual safety levers. It's those pesky MS levers that are giving me a headache!

Thank you very much for any advice you can provide.
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The SIG Pro Shop will install an aftermarket trigger?

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Oops my mistake. I meant call the Sig Custom Shop (not the Pro Shop) and ask if they install Sig Approved after-market kits such as the Gray Guns Trigger kits. If they can't help you, then ask if they know of a good Sig gunsmith within driving distance of your home. I'll bet they know of several former Sig gunsmiths who've left Sig to hang their own shingle and would appreciate the referral business. My apologies for the confusion between the Pro Shop and the Custom Shop, I've been working long hours without a vacation since Christmas.

Alternatively, you might also want to call Tyrell at Gray Guns and see if they're willing to film a short You Tube video on installing their trigger kits on P320's with the manual safety. That'd help everyone in your situation. And now that the US military is adopting the P320's with manual safety's they might want to include that model in a video update as well.
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