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I have a P229 that needs the slide bead blasted and new Sig contrast F&R sights installed, also a P239 that just needs the slide bead blasted.
Looking for suggestions.
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I had three Nitron slides bead blasted by SIG, cost (then) was $60 each with ten day turn around. They looked great. If I remember correctly CCR has quoted less cost in the past but turn around may be increased (popular small busy shop). Either way the slides will look factory two tone.

Make certain that you insure them by whatever manner you ship.

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Good deal. I've had five slides done by Sig. Very good work, fast turnaround. Matte finish is attractive and has no glare in direct sunlight.

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I too had Sig blast my P229 and install new sites. They did a sweet job. I love the new look.

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I just had a project done by Customized Creationz. Todd refinished my slide back to it's natural stainless appearance. I was very pleased.

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My local machine shop has done several glass bead blasts slides and frames for me, usually 20 bucks a piece. These were stainless 1911 guns that I stripped.

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