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I've got a barrel that is showing the normal finish wear (smiles... lots of sig smiles). I plan on removing the the rest of the finish with vinegar and scotchbright pad, then a light polish with flitz. This got me to thinking, i see stainless guide rods for sale even though my sig already has a metal guide rod. Could I also strip the finish off the guide rod and polish it to a bright polish. What kind of metal is it? Anyone done it, same techniques as the barrel.
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You didn't really give much information regarding the existing guide rod other than it's metal. If it is a standard SIG hollow guide rod then it is carbon steel.
Depending on which gun/barrel you have it is probably carbon steel as well. Just be aware that removing and polishing these components will make them more susceptible to rust/corrosion, especially if you carry/sweat/expose it to humidity. Just keep it lightly oiled and you should be fine.
There is nothing wrong with doing this, and the same technique should apply regarding stripping and polishing it...


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Odds are 99% that neither are stainless. You should keep both well lubed if this is your decision. I've done barrels before but had to keep them regularly greased especially with summer humidity and iwb carry.

If you use the vinegar method do not allow either to sit in the solution overly long or it may cause damage. Rinse thoroughly after the solution has removed the oem finish.

You might consider a stainless guide rod from the after market and/or have the barrel coated.


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Thank you! It is a hollow guid rod, from a 2010 P239. As much as I like the idea of the polished look, I don't like the idea of making it more rust prone. I'll just leave it alone, glad I asked.
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Originally posted by Nipper: a GGI SS guide rod:

Nipper, I appreciate your kind support. Thank you!


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