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OK, I'm ready to swap out the rear sights on my P229. When I Google search this issue I get mixed answers on several different forums. Does anyone know the definitive (Sig) procedure for removing the rear sights on a P229 (right to left or vice versa) as viewed from the rear of the slide?
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You can remove rear sight from either side. Install from left side

Front sight the same but install from right side

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Install both from left side.
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Originally posted by 4sigman:
Install both from left side.

Many sights are slightly beveled on the base to help avoid problems when installing. All the sights I've seen were beveled on the right side, and therefore should be installed from the left side.

I always remove sights from the right side with the idea that the new sights will then go in on the same surfaces. It may not matter, but ....

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I put new sights on my P229 last weekend. I don't know if the direction to remove matters but I removed right to left and installed left to right. I used a hammer and punch and it was easy.
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Correct Left to right on, right to left off. A good sight pusher, I think the best is the MGW Sight Pro, but there are some less expensive good ones too, is the way to go.

If you are reduced to wailing away with a hammer and brass punch, some pencil lead on the sight base will keep from transferring brass color to the base.
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