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Has anyone had the restrike conversion done on a 290? Login/Join 
I have a early model 290 and have been considering having the RS conversion done. Anyone actually have this conversion done to their pistol? What were the benefits? Is it worth the cost $155? Thanks in advance for any information you may have to offer.
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I don’t have any experience with the P290, but if by “restrike” you refer to being able to pull the trigger again in an attempt to fire rather than cycling the slide, some observations and opinions.

Throughout my handgun shooting career of about 50 years I mostly owned and fired guns that made it possible to attempt to deal with a misfire by pulling the trigger again. The revolvers required cycling through the entire cylinder in order to do that, but with all the Classic line SIG pistols I could have tried to immediately fire a dud by pulling the trigger. Only in the last three years have I regularly used a pistol (P320) without that capability.

In all that time I have had relatively very few misfires due to the ammunition. Out of tens of thousands of rounds, I could probably have counted them on my fingers and toes. And of those few misfires, a good third to a half did not fire with a second or even multiple restrikes. In addition, of the misfires the percentage that involved premium quality self-defense ammunition was … well, I don’t recall any at all.

And how did I deal with that vanishingly-small number of misfires? Was my response ever to try to try to fire the ones that occurred in pistols by immediately pulling the trigger again? No. I followed the procedure that’s taught by the vast majority of professional trainers: immediately eject the misfired round, chamber a new one, and continue on with firing. Only after the drill or other firing string was completed did I recover the dud, examine it at leisure, and make another attempt to fire it. As I say, a significant percentage of misfired cartridges, and especially if the gun is operating correctly, don’t fire even with multiple restrikes. Following the proper procedure of getting rid of the misfire is only slightly slower than pulling the trigger again and guarantees that we aren’t dealing with a completely dud cartridge that must ultimately be ejected anyway.

If I were in a “save the last bullet for yourself” situation and the Indians were too close to risk ejecting that last cartridge, picking it up, reloading it, and then trying to fire it again, then I might wish to have a restrike capability. Otherwise, no.

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