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What is the difference between a P220 7 round magazine simply marked Sig Sauer and another 7 round one marked P220-1? Both seem physically identical including the black oxide finish, metal follower and bottom (floor) plate.
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Originally posted by Mr_Moose:
Both seem physically identical ....

I would have thought the -1 indicated a stainless steel tube; is there a possibility it was refinished?

As shown in the below photo, the blued/black tubes were usually used with the springs whose lower end fit into the slot at the bottom of the tube. The slot was later retained in the first -1 stainless tubes, but at one point an “insert” was added that held the floor plate on rather than the spring (third from left).

Another difference among the early magazines was the follower. The one second from the left was intended to permit eight rounds to be loaded without extending the floor plate as was done with the current magazines. Even with that follower, though, loading eight rounds was very difficult and often led to malfunctions.

Other than any of that, I can’t say. Can you post photos of the magazines in question?

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Great photos! Thanks for the info sir. Cheers -
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