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I tried to find a video or concise instructions on how to replace the main spring on my P230SL without success. So, like a fool, I plunged ahead, thinking “how hard could it be?”

Not only did I come to realize that it could be difficult to replace the spring on the hammer strut, but it could also be pretty hard to get the pistol to go back together properly at all. I think the problem is in the relationship of the hammer strut, the decocker, and the hammer. And maybe the trigger bar. The only parts I actually removed were the grips and the hammer strut assembly. The trigger bar and its spring fell out but I got them back in place properly, I believe.

Does anybody have a pro-tip to offer with regard to the position (at rest, decocked or fully cocked) of the hammer for reinstallation of the hammer strut/mainspring assembly? I presume that it should be “at rest” to make it less of a struggle to compress the mainspring sufficiently to install the assembly) Or a source of info that will be of use?
I live in an area where there are no gunschmidts to take this to. Thanks in advance.

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You are correct, the hammer should be at rest for assembly.

The P230 hammer strut has a similar shape to the rest of the classic P series pistols. It is possible to place the wrong curved section, at the top of the strut, in contact with the hammer pivot pin. If you try to assemble the pistol and the strut assembly doesn't go in place properly or the hammer doesn't move properly, re-position the strut so it's other curved section is in contact with the hammer pivot pin. This should correct the problem.

As I recall, the 230s could be difficult to assemble because of the size of the frame and small opening to work through.

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Here is a video if the reassembly.
It is in spanish but the video quality is good.
Good luck.
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I watched part of the video and while I'm sure he succeeds in getting the pistol back together, he sure makes it harder than it is! It does have a good example of the hammer strut assy being inserted though, which should help your particular problem.


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