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Installing new sights. Login/Join 
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I have and watched the Armorer’s Course by Chris Orndorff

It shows installing the new sights dry.

Would it be ok to lightly oil the dovetail slot to make it easier to push them in or is it better to leave everything dry?

I will be installing the SIG X-Ray3 Sights and using a SIGArms Sight Pusher.


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Roy, doesn't hurt anything using the amount of lubricant you described.
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I use just one drop of oil to install sights. It squeezes out the other side for the most part...unless there is a void on the bottom side of the sight. It hasn't happened to me but I could see where that residual amount could cause the sight to shift.


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That's just the
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I highly recommmend using a film of light oil.
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I install mine with hammer/punch. Always use a little oil.

Only reason I can see not to use some is if you're going to use Loctite.

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