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I'm not quite sure where to post this, so if there's a better forum, please move it there.

My eyesight has worsened over the past few years. I now wear progressive lens glasses, and I've found them problematic when trying to aim my pistols at the range. My larger guns (S&W Pro C.O.R.E., SIG P225-A1, EEA Witness Pavona, shoot well for me, but they're too large for me to CC. To that end, I recently purchased a SIG P365 with the intention of replacing my P938 as my EDC.

So I decided to add a laser sight to the P365, and acquired an ArmaLaser TR27G green laser for it. Remembering that a few years ago I briefly had a Crimson Trace on my P938, I decided to re-attach it. So, now I have two compact SIGs that are laser equipped.

I have 1,000 rounds of new LAX 115gr brass cased ammo on order, expected Tuesday. I intend on taking both guns to the range, along with a .50mm hex wrench to zero them. And that's my question: How do I properly get the lasers adjusted to my aim? The ArmaLaser suggests not firing, but aiming at a wall about 20 feet away and adjusting elevation (up/down) and windage (left/right) that way. The documentation states the TR27G is pre-sighted, so little, if any, adjustment should be necessary. From my tests, it looks pretty spot on, but I won't really know until I've put some rounds down range into some paper. I'm guessing 20 feet is a good distance?

What advice or recommendations can you give me? This is not about pride, or putting 10 rounds into a 2" diameter, it's just about being able to hit what I aim at, if I ever have the misfortune to be put in the position of having to do so.

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The recommendations I've seen are to sight it in for 10 yards and then do a few 25 yard shots to know where you are at that distance. I've shot mine from about 3 yards out to 25, so I know where the rounds are going at various distances.

I have the Lima365 green laser. I have found that the laser is good to about 10- 12 yards, when the target is in sunlight. If the target is in the shade, or it's an overcast day, the laser is good to about 25 yards. Indoors there is no problem at all.

I'm in the same boat as you are, the iron sights aren't sharp anymore. I like the 6 o'clock hold for my iron sights and they are POA/ POI. I can get about 15 yards inside my house and that is what I sight red dots and lasers for. I pick a spot on the mantle, brace against something and adjust the laser, or red dot sight, so the irons and laser are at the same point. Then go to the range to verify, and if necessary, make the minor adjustments that may be needed.

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