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I had read in various web sites that SIG uses the Novak cut and on Novak's web site they list SIG in their list of "Companies that currently use unauthorized imitations of Novak Sights and/or dovetail cuts".

So I can't stand the SIG "Battle Site" method of aiming and wanted a 6 o'clock hold, I called Novak, told them my dilemma and ordered a new set of front and rear sites.

Well the set came in this afternoon and I left my office to go install them. Pulled out my MGW site pusher and got the factory rear site off and even with the set screw removed, it was very tight.

Pulled the new Novak out and it was so loose that it would literally fall out if the set screw wasn't screwed down firmly. There is too much room for a lock site to work.

Novak is closed at this time so my question is does anyone here have any experience or thoughts on this?

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Hi Another-Bill,
I just ran across this so if you have already resolved, forgive me. I had the same issue as I wanted to change my POA/POI also. I ended up going with Dawson Precision and used their tritium semi-Novak style rear sight and front sight. They are oversized enough to fit in the Sig dovetails with a little fitting and have worked well for me. The ability to have the front sight customized for my POA/POI preference was worth the effort for me.
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