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I have read a little bit on the internet and am not thrilled about Hawaii gun laws.

I will be travelling for a 7 day vacation to Turtle Bay in the near future and figured with LEOSA, I'd be good to go. Now I'm not so sure.

Anybody here know Hawaii's laws and how big of a hassle it will be?
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ichi-go ichi-e
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I did a quick google search and it seems like it is fine as long as you fill out some forms with HPD. However like everything on the internet take this with a grain of salt. Supposedly we aren't suppose to have 30 round ar15 magazines here however shops sell them. Also take what the police tell you with a grain of salt too. I've had on several occasions been given incorrect information. I don't think it was intentional just ignorance on the officers part. Have you reached out to HPD?
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