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This could probably go in the "What's Your Deal" section as well, but the biggest fail that could have been done with the Florida Campus Carry bill this year was to tether it to an Open Carry provision! I don't care what side of the Open Carry issue you are on, let that legislation stand on its own merits. I would much rather be able to carry concealed everywhere including having Campus Carry and elimination of other prohibited places passed than to try and force Open Carry through on their back and have everything fail. Can we please get clean Campus Carry and prohibited places bills on the Florida legislative schedule and passed this coming year and dispense with the piggy back, multi-faceted bill BS?

It makes you wonder if this is done on purpose to make it look like they are trying to pass what much of the public wants knowing that adding a poison pill to the legislation means it will get a little lip service and no action! Even organizations like the NRA sometimes give you the impression that they don't want to be too successful too quickly with their efforts because it might make them less relevant or get less donations as time goes on. Don't get me wrong, I am an NRA Life member, and support their efforts but it does make you wonder sometimes.

In short, to the Florida legislature...STOP the political tactics and posturing and...GET....IT....DONE or we will make it a front and center issue in your re-election campaigns and find people that will! We already got rid of one committee member that was going out of their way to hold things up. We can certainly do it again.


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Most Republicans in the state legislature are RINOs. We've been sold out by our own party every time on open carry and campus carry.
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Drain the Florida swamp! 2018 MFG! (Make Florida Greater)

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