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This bill will allow charges to be brought against a gun owner whose weapon is stolen and used in a crime.

I already wrote to my useless democrat representative and this was his response:

From: Brian King <>

Date: 3/11/19 11:44 (GMT-05:00)

Subject: Re: Please Oppose Gun Control Legislation, House Bill 190

Thank you for reaching out to me about "Liability of Firearm Custodian." 

I am a gun owner myself. HB 190 is not out to inconvenience law abiding gun owners. When we put in place reasonable measures to ensure weapons are stored safely and kept out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them, we increase the likelihood that guns will not be used for crime or violence. Because I believe in personal responsibility and accountability, I support putting in place incentives to safeguard and lend out weapons in a way that saves lives. I will be voting in favor of HB 190 in the House Judiciary Committee. 


Why do these douchebags always preempt their anti-gun nonsense with "I'm a gun owner too"? And of course that word reasonable is in there. What a jerk.


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This is concerning on a number of levels. Utah has traditionally been a staunchly Pro-2A state.....if it can happen there it can happen anywhere, and it really shows how determined and sneaky the opposition is.

What is it about large urban areas, specifically, (here's looking at you Salt Lake valley) that breeds the liberal mindset? It's odd. Very few big cities retain their conservatism/libertarianism.

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It's like a communicable disease. A single Democratic Socialist gets a wild hair idea and throws it out there...pretty soon it spreads to anyone near him and bam! you start seeing the BS appearing in various states.

The standard line always begins with "I'm a strong 2A supporter"...with "this is not an inconvenience for lawful gun owners" and finished with "it will reduce gun violence and mass shootings"...basically, total lies.
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