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Originally posted by LVJD:
Historically speaking has there ever been a gun regulation that has retroactively outlawed something which was previously legal? As I sit here I cannot think of one. If so this is a dangerous precedent. If the do outlaw them are they going to register them a la machine guns?

My slide fire 10/22 is at risk of making me a felon. This has me genuinely concerned and I’ve never even shot the thing (though I’ve had it for years).

I believe the Akins Accelerator was initially approved by the ATF before later being banned and owners required to turn their examples in.

Also, over many years, there were certain ATF approved ways to convert guns into machine guns, only later to be deemed no longer approved methods. More recently, while PSBs were never actually banned, the manner in which they were legally used was.

At the federal level, I am only aware of ONE instance, during the enactment of the GCA, when there was a temporary amnesty for illegally possessed NFA objects. IIRC the amnesty was only for 30 days and from what I've read from others, was rather poorly advertised. I realize that this doesn't quite answer your question regarding previously legally owned items, but I think it is worth considering under the current situation.

In addition to changing the definition of "assault weapon" to include any long gun with a magazine capacity of greater than 15 rounds, the city of Denver just enacted a complete ban on bump stocks with no grand father clause. Current owners are required to immediately turn in their bump stocks or face fines and jail time.

While many gun owners don't own Bump Stocks or other Rate-of-Fire (ROF)increasing devices and seem not to care whether these items are banned, what many don't seem to realize is that in order to ban these items the ROF issue will have to be arbitrarily set by governmental rules or laws. Once a ROF is arbitrarily established it isn't a stretch of the imagination to see either the current administration or a future one to either ban things like trigger/ action jobs, not to mention the possibility of using it to ban semi-auto or even other action designs.

I am opposed to the ban of Bump Stocks or other ROF increasing devices on principle alone, but also because it sets the framework in place to ban whole categories of guns currently legal to own.
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I believe the Atkins accelerator was changed from the design approved by ATF was different than the one produced for the consumer. As for States they seem to ban things all the time and the Supreme Court has for the most part acquiesced.

Saw an article tonight that said Marco Rubio is considered supporting legislation regarding banning high (standard) capacity magazines. I believe before all is said and done we will have another full blown panic.
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