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Just sharing.

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Nice interview. The guy clearly has no clue how to describe a military style weapon and just had some talking points from a PowerPoint slide.

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In the other thread on this, everybody kept saying how Carlson "owned" this guy in the interview. I finally watched it, and really Carlson didn't "own" him, he just called him out on the bullshit he was stringing.
I mean, you really don't expect the dude to say, "Yeah, I don't think gun control works", when the party line has always been "It works, I just need to blame other factors when I get called out on it".


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Everything this guy said about MO is bullshit, and didn't even happen.....

At right around 3 mins... He talks about a permit to purchase a firearm in MO. That hasn't existed in a long time.

What data is he looking at?

MO changed their laws regarding carrying this year, effective 7 days ago. Now, admittedly, I'm not a fan yet, and I can see the potential for abuse. I'm not opposed philosophically, but in the knee jerk practice the legislative body decided to do it... But this data isn't even close to collected, let along extrapolated and charted....

Tucker is correct, but again, anyone reading this already knows most gun control laws are ineffective.

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I would like to think that gun control has taken a serious blow, if the three or four articles about lib/dems buying guns are indeed a trend.

If the lib/dems are buying guns now, because they don't trust the guvmint, I say good.


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