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All I hear from all the Democraps is we need backround checks, especially for the dreaded "Online Purchase" and Gun show Loophole"

How come no one answers back that you CAN NOT buy a gun online and have it shipped to your house? That it has to go to a FFL where you fill out a form and an INSTANT BACKROUND CHECK is done.

AS for the famous "Gun Show Loophole" Many states don't even allow private sales. No Loophole. Not to mention any gun show I have been to 90% of the vendors sell you a gun, make you fill out the form, and wait for the backround check.

Why are we so silent on these issues?

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The NRA and politicians that support the 2nd Amendment do answer, but have no control on whether or not that response is ever provided to the audience by the media they're using. The First Amendment doesn't mandate that the press be fair, only that they be free to say what they want. By inference, they can omit whatever they feel like omitting. Mad

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When the MSM and Internet Cartel dominate the anti-gun conversation - that's all you hear. Frown
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A related question: If anyone lives in a state that already requires that all transfers go through an FFL holder, how has it affected the smaller shows? Does the guy who used to buy a table or two at a show once a year still do so? Or is it worth the hassle to get someone to do his background checks for him?
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How come we don't hear Republicans saying: "Yes, by all means we should have background checks. Oh, wait . . . we have this NCIS thing."
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Because the only real answer is "well , that's a lie." Or, "liar, liar, pants on fire."

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Well, there is another side, sort of, with the silly media hype.... I've bought numerous guns from my local dealer / FFL over the past 10 or 15 years and have never once had a back ground check.... at least in S.C. if you have a concealed weapons permit then there is no call in for a back ground check.

I have a supposition that if my dealer did call in I would be denied since the one time I tried to apply for a suppressor the FBI denied me twice and never did back up on that or give a reason.
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There is ABSOLUTELY no way to enforce mandatory NICS checks on private sales, unless you have gun registration.

Suppose this law passes. Someone finds themselves in a position with having to explain when/where/how they obtained a firearm. There is absolutely no way the government could prove that they did NOT pass a NICS check, because currently NICS records are deleted out of the their system after 60 days by law. That was how the NICS law was passed as a compromise to sell to lawmakers skeptical about the government keeping private gun sales info (which under current law they cannot, on a federal level). Now you see why we all said it's a 'slippery slope'....because it is! The government would have to contact every single FFL in a state where it was transferred, some of which have gone out of business and records were shipped to ATF. If 'Universal Background Checks' are passed - mark my words - they WILL have to come up with a scheme to enforce it. Only way to do that is registering all the transfers.
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I have a couple of tables at a small, local show every year. It's the only show I do annually but have been attending since it began around 10 years ago. Mostly I sell pre-war ammo, old scopes, hunting rifles/shotguns and a few older revolvers. All of us know each other since there are less than 70 tables but a space opened up the last show and a new dealer/FFL set up there. No one knew him.
Before the show opened last Sunday, many of us were sitting around drinking the free coffee and one of the guys asked what we were going to do if 'universal background checks' was passed. [90% aren't dealers at this show] Most said they would not come and sell anymore while some said it depended on what the future rules were. Some really good points came up. One old guy said he wouldn't change what he was doing since the feds couldn't prove it if you did a background check or not.
Then the new dealer, who was sitting off to the side said, " until I call them and run your old ass in for non-compliance."
The place got pretty quiet after that and slowly most got up and left the coffee room. One guy asked him why he said that and he said, " because I won't bring anything to sell, I'll just set up and do background checks for y'all at $40 a pop."
First guy said, " no you won't because there won't be anyone here."

The reason I earlier asked what most here thought the future of the local gun show will be is because of this incident/
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The push back on this topic is rich on social media.

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