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As most of you know, Maryland is a "may issue" state which really does not happen at all. MD residents who are issued the standard permit with a "to and from" work restriction may appeal that to the Handgun Permit Review Board.

Because the Board has reversed the restriction in a number of cases, the State is now trying to get rid of the Board.

A number of individuals testified against this bill today, including a former member of the HPRB. This is what happened:

Now to be semi-fair, individuals only had ONE MINUTE to make their feelings known. This happened last week also when we had the same amount of time to testify against 3 bills.

The woman removing her is a State Trooper...


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bet if it was a white trooper yanking on a black woman we'd have seen it on the MSM news


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If the leftest fucks prying with all their might, ever get the lid off the can of whoop-ass, they are going to rue the day...

That is all.

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Cry racism, and organize a White Voices Matter march. I'm serious.

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