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The legislation was signed into law April 11, 2018. The FFLs had until October 1 to sell anything they had that was not legal under the new legislation.

Although individuals were immediately prohibited from transferring banned items the FFLs could sell what they had and individuals could still buy what they had.

There was some question whether FFLs could continue to order items, although reading the law, it seems they were prohibited from doing so as on what they legally possessed on or before April 11 was permitted.

At any rate, the deadline has come and gone and what you got, you got, that's it there will be no more.

FFLs are trying to determine what they can legally do with their existing inventory. The issue is really about magazines or rather "High Capacity Feeding Devices" as the Act names them.

It's a sad day for Vermont, once a free state.
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Frown Frown Frown

A sad day indeed.

There really needs to be pro-active legislative efforts to help stem the tide of such activities. Being on your heels, always on the defense, isn't the pathway to victory. At BEST, you get to keep your ground. But like the rocks on the beach getting pounded by the waves, eventually, they will be worn away.

There's no easy, fast solution. But law abiding gun owners need to get informed, get involved, vote, and support organizations that support them (even if they're less than perfect). Complacency will be our ruin.


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As a native Vermonter, this pains me to no end.

The flatlanders have overrun the place....
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