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Corgis Rock
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Known as "Extreme Risk Protection Order" the measure gives the state th risk to seize a person's guns for up to a year. Then it can be renewed.

The standard for the action is that the order can be requested by:
"household members, police, dating partners, and former roommates. Unsupported statements by a potentially hostile petitioner can be used as sole evidence in issuing the “Extreme risk protection order”. Additionally, no public defender is provided, so the accused must pay for their own defense in any subsequent hearings. "

In fact the gun owner isn't informed of his hearing. His first notice could well be when police arrive to deal with an "armed and dangerous" person.

The adds promoting this are slick tear jerkers where talking head goes on about losing someone as police could do nothing about the person's guns. There is no detail about each case and no statistics on how big a problem it really is. Yes, a couple can have a fight, she gets the order and he's lost the guns. Never mind if it's a lie. The ads are almost identical to the ones supporting I-594 that created mandatory background checks. The law pretty much duplicates "Joel's Law" which provides treatment for individuals. The I-1491 just grabs guns.

An update n I-594. After two years the first arrest has been made. A gun was sold in a private deal, then used in a crime. Complicating the case is that the alleged gun cannot be found.

No doubt this will pass given how slick the ads are and the lack of opposition.

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The sad part is that there has been no opposition on the TV or news. Where is the NRA? Where is the 2nd Amendment Foundation? Where is WAC? I bet this stupid law passes hands down because Washington is run by a bunch of liberal pussies. I wish there was some place else to live, but I am getting too old to move!!!! Washington is now Kalifornia North. The main question is how will the Washington State Supreme Court justify/reject this law with regards to the Fourth Amendment, and illegal search and seizure.

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