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No New ContentDiscussion TopicThe Long Road HomeDubiousDan2237
by Gustofer
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIf I figure this right...f210573
by Floyd D. Barber
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicTell me about Nintendo SwitchLord Vaalic15609
by .38supersig
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThe Last Question by Isaac Asimovfpuhan7424
by maxdog
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHey Jaffeef24218
by oddball
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicTurner Classic Movies and the encroachment of leftist politics.   Page 1 2 parabellum354409
by parabellum
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAnybody reading the "Killing Lincoln" book series?Hound Dog6348
by Hound Dog
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDoctor Who Christmas Special Twice Upon A TimePaten8448
by cazio
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMy father didn't think so. People were human beings to him.Gustofer11823
by HK Ag
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicNick Searcy of Justified to host Rush Limbaugh Wed Dec 27bald116880
by cas
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPhotogs: Looking For Direction, I Guess?ensigmatic11362
by Deqlyn
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicWhen SNL was funny   Page 1 2 oddball271397
by johnnyringo8769
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicGod hates me...911Boss17765
by Sig2340
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRio BravoRolan_Kraps12667
by Sig2340
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDear TCMparabellum6330
by recoatlift
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicOMG but the Syfy channel is REALLY terrible!FN in MT18869
by g8rforester
No New ContentDiscussion Topica masterpiece and the artistbendable12577
by bendable
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDOPE on Netflixjermzzzzzzz1225
by SIG228
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicAudiophiles Wanted   Page 1 2 fallenangelhim24820
by snwghst
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHow am I the first one to post this??? Sicario 2 trailer   Page 1 2 3 AllenInWV482041
by HK Ag
No New ContentDiscussion Topic2018 MoviesBGULL3337
No New ContentDiscussion Topic"Travelers" Season 2 now on NetflixBMR3249
by Chach
No New ContentDiscussion TopicToshiro Mifune Documentary on NetflixFlyingScot6403
by cas
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicNow I have a machine gun....   Page 1 2 jljones361620
by Cliff
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWe’re back, we’re bad...911Boss5446
by cslinger
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicKilroy Was Here   Page 1 2 mr kablammo301807
by Fenris
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicDie Hard?   Page 1 2 Tommydogg251366
by Tommydogg
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon PrimePHPaul0183
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLights, please...detroit1921162
by rat2306
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDark Age of Camelot is still going on?!?Orguss7517
by SigJacket
No New ContentDiscussion TopicYou're fulla beansFloyd D. Barber2245
by mojojojo
No New ContentDiscussion TopicI Thought NOTHING Could Be As Bad As MelancholiaMars_Attacks5453
by Balzé Halzé
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThis time John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace KellyPrefontaine4541
by PeteF
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicTombstoneSkull Leader161031
by Rightwire
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHappy!.38supersig2159
by .38supersig
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