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No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicMandatory SCAR17 upgrades.   Page 1 2 goatboyz301860
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicSeekins Precision--What can you tell me about quality?Rigby47015763
by smschulz
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSports match scope rings for Tikka t3/xnewmexican0135
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDPMS AR15sgjgalligan121176
by shooter1201
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicLooking for a new rifle--What do you know about LMT?   Page 1 2 Rigby470301843
by trapper189
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPractical Accuracy with Swiss K31 Sniper...YouTube video...Bisleyblackhawk4595
by joatmonv
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicI was asked to work on a Remington 700 for the first time (classic hunting rifle) *range report added*   Page 1 2 benny6291900
by benny6
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicWhat is the device in the muzzles of these rifles? (Afghan National Army)   Page 1 2 egregore221850
by RogueJSK
No New ContentDiscussion TopicQuestion re Magpul 9mm MagazinesV-Tail9542
by Expert308
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBarrett REC7 DIszuppo6627
by szuppo
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicNot a cowboy action shooter....but couldn’t pass this one upElKabong161293
by old rugged cross
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCan someone ID this Colt AR model?old rugged cross4615
by old rugged cross
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThoughts on barrel length for 6.5 Grendel AR...18” or 20”?x02250956469
by guardianangel762
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSig illuminated scopes, anyone take the plunge yet?Leemur2380
by WARPIG602
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMy son "built" his first rifleWARPIG60211951
by WARPIG602
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicFinnish M39   Page 1 2 Underworld2086221824
by sigfreund
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicOlder Marlin 30-30VANQUISH171169
by f2
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicQuestion about upgraded Ruger 77/22 barrel(s)sigfreund19628
by maladat
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMy son's first time shooting an ARbenny611898
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicDo I really need to have a used 870 reparkerized?   Page 1 2 gambit123251832
by gambit123
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAffordable Bore ScopeEl Cid 9211737
by benny6
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHow many mags do you keep loaded?   Page 1 2 3 pepsiblue502896
by smithnsig
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicLTT 1301 Tactical Shotgunhenryarnaud14934
by WARPIG602
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBeretta 1301 Tactical "TAU" shroud installrpm201013821
by am94pm
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHelp with a 9mm AR pistol build.gw39716649
by gw3971
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAnyone shooting the .350 Legend yet?jcsabolt24606
by jcsabolt2
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicSpotting Scope For Under $200.00?   Page 1 2 SummersAtTheLake201014
by bendable
No New ContentPollVicariously build my next ARAnubismp8616
by 45 Cal
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicNeed help with a lower for a pistol   Page 1 2 Monk20920
by Anubismp
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFor you 6.5 CM factory ammo afficionados (bullet blow up)NikonUser7670
by sigfreund
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicBolt gun shooters do you use a chassis systemlow8option16900
by BadDogPSD
No New ContentDiscussion TopicShotgun slug questionMikeinNC11759
by BillyBonesNY
No New ContentDiscussion Topic? Concerning 20 MOA scope railreflex/deflex 6411538
by reflex/deflex 64
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicFor car owners, do you have a rifle in your vehicle?   Page 1 2 hambony332478
by CAPT29
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicLower Parts Kit w/o TriggerArtieS14598
by PGT
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicScalarworks scope mount - Best design ever?   Page 1 2 3 i8mtm483581
by i8mtm
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicMossberg Shockwave with SB Brace and Adapter.Rolan_Kraps181964
by walker77
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRemoving AKS-74U gas block?Oat_Action_Man6381
by Oat_Action_Man
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHelp With ID'ing Civil War Rifle Parts?SummersAtTheLake3590
by lyman
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicColt M4A1 SOCOM fans...Belgian Blue174858
by darkest2000
No New ContentDiscussion Topic"Focus on Your Target" --- Kim RhodeRichardC6964
by Scooter123
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRuger American or Savage Axis II...Deer Riflejcsabolt26410
by LS1 GTO
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRem 700 308 ScoreElKabong11916
by FrankMoses
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicRifle Shooting is a Perishable SkillArtieS141259
by fritz
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicRecommendation - simple rifle for marksmanship   Page 1 2 3 konata88461630
by muzzleloader
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicPrecision Rifle Shooter Advice Requested on Proper Recoil Management   Page 1 2 ArtieS23875
by fritz
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicInherited M1 Carbineflesheatingvirus151131
by flesheatingvirus
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFlashhider for PC carbine?pso12077520
by Sourkraut
No New ContentDiscussion Topicpicked up a Bergara Approach in a .308valkyrie13405
by newmexican
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicAnybody familiar with American Defense Mfg. AR’s?dry-fly14843
by dry-fly
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